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★ Meng-Jong Kuan Ph.D , PMP

Professor, Department of Business and Entrepreneurship Management, Kainan University (KNU), Taiwan
Professor, Taiwan Learning Center, University of Management and Technology (UMT)

★ Education background :

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPI&SU),
USA, Industrial and Systems Engineering, PhD (1992/08 ~ 1996/06)

National Defense University, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology,
Aeronautical Engineering, Master (1983/07 ~ 1985/07)

National Defense University, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology,
Aeronautical Engineering, Bachelor (1977/08 ~ 1981/07)

★ Work Experience :

School Experience :

Kainan University since 2000, former department head of Information Technology Center, International Business Department, the Department of Information and Communication, Department of Information Management; Dean, Institute of Innovation and Project Management; Dean, School of Information. He has long been engaged in the field of innovation and project management through practice teaching and academic research. He has authored more than 30 journal articles and published seminar papers more than 100 articles, including 2 published monographs, 6 textbooks and translated one book. He is the former editor of "Journal of Project Management and Systems Engineering" and a writer of "Project Manager Magazine" writing innovation and project management articles and more than 10 articles published. He has presided and completed more than 10 development program through industry-university cooperation project, NSC project, Ministry of Education program and Chung-Shan Institute of Science program.

After School Experience :

He served in the Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (CSIST) as an associate professor, engaged in systems engineering and project management work for 18 years. Founding chairman, International Engineering Innovation and Brand Development Institute; Direct, Taiwan Goldratt Associate; Supervisor, National Project Management Association; Former executive director, Taiwan International Chemical Industry Association; Former RAMS technical adviser, AFNOR Asia Pacific, Chief Executive Officer, AFNOR Asia. He has Industry consultant and lectures experience more than 25 companies and institute related with innovation and project management.