About the Association

~ International Innovation and Project Management Association~

Established in 2009,
The Association is fully committed to innovative teaching and communication , the  target are enterprise and individuals .In addition to language skills, various walks of life, from tradition, high technology, to service industry, all use project management to carry out business operations and innovation transformation.

Members of the Association , there are quite a few well-known scholars in project management. to expand the scope of the Institute’s innovative services, expected to be based on the original language innovation teaching, also design a new course, expanding knowledge of different areas of expertise and project management for companies and individuals, Improve individual ability or business efficiency.

~ Goals of the Association ~

Uphold the initial intention, with the aim of promoting innovative learning thinking and knowledge in the field of project management, assist in the improvement of personal professional competence and business efficiency, In order to attract academics and senior entrepreneurs to join.

1. Combine project management knowledge to strengthen innovative learning and communication activities between regions and internationally.

2. Innovative teaching, in addition to providing innovative teaching functions in the language, provides education and training in the field of project management based on innovative service thinking.

3. Project innovation management of people's "life"

~ Vision and Mission ~

The Association’s "innovative service" concept, expect with the strength of the Association, study language innovation teaching and international exchange, and through innovative learning and continuous improvement in the field of project management, enhance regional and international networking and networking activities, improve the personal development of the country and the ability of the enterprise to survive.

In addition, in view of the fact that it is necessary to focus on improving the <consciousness and innovative thinking>, we designed a series of “people-to-life” project innovation management courses, help everyone to understand, the knowledge that <life>,in addition to the health of the physical body, there is also the part of "Psychology and Interpersonality". Through the course of "Science and Spirituality", Maintain the health of yourself and your family, improve from the state of sub-health.

~ Activities organized by the Association ~

1. The science and intelligence coexist  Course
2. Research and develop course and innovative teaching
3. Lecture & Course Teaching
4. Language networking
5. Innovation and Project Management Seminar
6. Publication of project management related journals
7. Large-scale activities for industry exchange learning