The chairman's discourse

Thanks for the support of all supervisors and members in electing me, Yu-Te, as the fourth chairman of the association. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and respect to all of you. I will hold an attitude of “skating on thin ice” in taking on this honor and the responsibility of carrying forward the task of reforming and innovating.

I will also uphold the association mission, contributing in development of innovative services; innovative teaching and international exchanges through the strength of the association; and enhancing regional and international exchanges through innovative learning, event exchange, and continuous improvement in the field of project management to improve personal development and the ability of the business existence.

I am looking forward to having the support and participation of all the supervisors and members. Our association is booming, growing stronger and more prosperous.

Finally, I wish you all health and good luck.

Yu-Te Tu
International Innovation and Project Management Association