Organization's structure

International Innovation and Project Management Association (IIPMA)
Functions of the Secretariat
1. Development of middle- and long-term development strategy of the Association
2. Coordination of planning and implementation of each committee's work
3. Providing expert consulting; establishment and coordination of the industrial base
4. Other relevant educational and academic development operations

College of Innovation and Project Management


Functions of the Secretariat
1. Set up the course "Enterprise management methods"
2. Set up the course "Counseling enterprise management methods"
3. Gather domestic and foreign education development information
4. Coordinate educational training degree-oriented matters
5. Approval of all kinds of development of educational training, curriculum and educators' qualifications
6. Promote project management-related research and according to industrial specificity and
    establish systematic theoretic framework

Accreditation committee


Functions of the Secretariat
1. Checking, approval and announcement of the regulations of professional accreditation
2. Checking, approval and announcement of the regulations of evaluation of innovations in project management
    and supervision of their implementation
3. Other relevant ethical guidance duties

Cross-straits industry and academic exchange committee


Functions of the Secretariat
1. Improve relationship between the academy and related educational establishments in Mainland China
2. Invite Mainland scholars to participate in all kinds of local conferences on innovation in industrial project management
3. Coordinate cross-straits visits to Mainland Chinese organizations and organize cooperation patterns
4. Coordinate reception of Mainland Chinese visitors in order to promote cross-straits academic exchange
5. Other cross-straits exchange matters related to industrial innovation
6. Organize cross-straits academic conferences and similar events
7. Planning networks of governmental, industrial and academic groups cooperation and exchange

Chairman 1
Managing directors 4
Directors 10
Managing supervisor 1
Supervisors 4